Wealth advisors used to take notes manually.

Now they use Jump — the only way to turn conversations into tasks, notes, and compliance records with secure AI.

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Integrates seamlessly with:

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Cut meeting admin work by 90% (literally).

Jump is made exclusively for advisors and connects seamlessly with your advisor tech stack.

“With Jump, what used to be 40 minutes of typing meeting notes, organizing tasks, and posting to CRM, we now get 95% done in 3-4 minutes.”
Jack Csenge
Wealth Advisor, Csenge Advisory Group
From solo advisors to multi-billion AUM RIAs, all types of advisory firms trust Jump:

So much more than AI note-taking.

Jump is totally different from Fireflies or other generic meeting summarizers. We're advisor-centric from the ground up.

  • Feature IconMeeting notes in exactly your style
  • Feature IconOne-click CRM updates
  • Feature IconPre-meeting prep one-pagers
  • Feature IconFollow-up emails
  • Feature IconSmart, syncable tasks
  • Feature IconAsk anything
  • Feature IconMobile app

Our meeting notes are totally customizable. They'll exactly mimic the best notes you've ever taken.

We know one size doesn't fit all, so we make it easy to choose your style, extract data into tables, add custom formatting.

Jump stands out with ultra-deep integrations with Salesforce, Redtail, and Wealthbox. However you're set up, Jump can handle it. Notes, tasks, and client data can go straight from Jump into your CRM with just one click.

Jump can automatically gather data from your CRM and past meetings to send you completely customizable one-pager prepping you for your upcoming meetings. It can include recent interactions, conversation starters, and reminders about past tasks and meetings.

Make sure clients are in the loop on what your follow-up items are and what theirs are with follow-up emails ready to go within seconds of a meeting ending. Like everything in Jump, these emails are completely customizable and will follow your style, tone, and length exactly.

Unlike generic meeting summarizers, tasks that come out of Jump are much more than just a bullet-point list of action items. They're smart data objects with title, description, assignee, and due date, ready for sync into your CRM.

Ask any question about a meeting to remind yourself of what happened or make sure you've got the details right.

Use Jump's mobile app to record in-person or on-the-go meetings (you'll also be able to upload meetings from any other source, or record on your laptop if you choose.)

Industry recognition

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Best in Show

Wealth Management EDGE Tech Demo Competition

May 2024
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3-Category Finalist

10th Annual "Wealthies" (winners TBD)

June 2024
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Best for XYPN Tech Stack and Customization

XYPN Ranking of AI Notetaking Solutions

June 2024

Jump AI: This is my favorite thing I’ve seen so far. AI note-taking to save advisors and clients time before and after meetings is the most obvious killer app for our industry.”

Josh Brown
CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management

Everything changes once you start using Jump.

It’s not just time savings. It's peace of mind, client-experience, and future-proofing.

Dramatically elevate client service

Stay 100% present in client meetings
Never let anything slip through the cracks

Spend time on clients, not admin tasks

Stay 4 minutes, not 40, on post-meeting work
Prep with an AI one-pager for every meeting

Stay compliant

Audit-friendly meeting note for every meeting
You control client data and record retention

AI future-proof your firm

Jump is the leading edge of advisor-centric AI
We release new features daily
“You guys... Jump is dreamy. It takes great notes, handles dual partners in Zoom very well, has a great UI, great support, and it syncs notes and tasks to Wealthbox. It’s SO GOOD.”
Michael Reynolds
Principal, Elevation Financial


Can Jump really take notes like I would?

Yes. This is not just another tool that simply summarizes meetings. We craft our product to your firm’s practices, so that it takes notes in your voice, in your style, in just the right amount of detail.

What are your security practices?

We use end-to-end encryption for all data, including data at rest. We engage in regular security audits and keep software up-to-date to mitigate any emerging threats. We are happy to work with compliance and security teams to ensure that our software meets all best and required practices at your firm.

Will my compliance officer sign off on this?

Jump’s goal is to ensure your firm not just maintains, but improves existing compliance practices. Our notetaker can help flag required disclosures, advisor or client statements (not just using words, but actual intent and meaning), and add custom language to notes.

How does it know where to put notes in my CRM?

In onboarding, we’ll help you set up all of the automations your firm needs. That includes pointing specific types of meetings and notes to specific fields. All of our notes are editable and reviewable before they go into the CRM.

How does it know who to assign tasks to?

Just like with the CRM setup, we’ll help your firm to establish task automation so the system knows what tasks should go where. We believe that the system is only helpful if it’s intimately knowledgeable about your firm and its workflows, so we take the time to get it right.

How does recording work?

When you sign up for Jump, you will connect your meeting software (Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet), and we’ll start sending a “notetaker” participant to the meeting. If you'd like to record an in-person meeting, simply open the meeting page in Jump and click the "record" button.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to work with you, and we’re onboarding advisors and firms onto Jump every day. Send us a note to get in touch.

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