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What is Jump?

Jump is an AI assistant for sales that deeply updates your CRM fields after each prospect interaction, completely customized to your sales process and CRM setup.

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As reps, we know which SFDC fields get scrutinized in our 1:1s and pipe reviews, and Jump’s AI-enhanced notes give me a huge head start.

Max Nicassio


(Actually real Jump user)

For account execs:

Get back 10-20 hours/month by approving CRM updates, rather than writing them
Effortless detailed notes in exactly the fields your team has specified they should be in
Be 100% present on calls while Jump creates a call transcript, tracks next steps, and updates your CRM
Never worry about forgetting what was said on a call, or cramming at the end of the week to get everything updated

For sales managers:

Completely customizable to your sales methodology including MEDDICC, Command of the Message, BMANTR, or else — including internal frameworks
Reduce “forecast vs. actual” deviations by getting x-ray line of sight to reality on every opp in the CRM
Faster rep ramp-up and training by tracking exactly what was covered in each call
Increase rep productivity and job satisfaction by giving more time for reps to do what they want to do: sell

Jump can write your follow-up emails, too

Jump composes perfect follow-up emails for you (or your team)— with full contextual knowledge of conversations with prospects.

Jump task with email draft

Just got off a call? We’ll ping you within moments with a ready-to-send follow-up email, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Follow-up email draft in Gmail


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Can it really update Salesforce like a real account executive?

Yes. This is not another tool that simply summarizes conversation and attaches it to an opportunity. Jump can update as many fields as you need, on any type of object (opportunity, account, contact, event, etc).

Can it handle my sales methodology?

Yes. Jump will be completely customized to the way you and your team work, including to your sales methodology and CRM setup. Whether you use MEDDICC, BMANTR, Command of the Message, or any other framework (including an in-house framework), Jump can handle it.

Who is Jump for?

Jump is currently focused on building AI-enabled solutions for US-based B2B inside sales teams, especially those who want to be on the forefront of bringing AI into the sales org to work faster and smarter.

What does Jump do with my company or customer data?

We use your company and customer data to deliver services back to you. You control all of your company and customer data, confidential information, and sales methods. Jump takes security and data privacy seriously, and follows industry best practices to keep your data safe. You can read more in our privacy policy.

What AI is Jump using?

While some "AI for sales" companies are building simple wrappers on top of ChatGPT with shallow features relative to the latest LLMs, Jump uses multiple AI models orchestrated to work together in a constellation, combined with other non-AI software techniques including deep integrations with the existing sales stack designed to accelerate the sales day-to-day, all with the goal of delivering the most valuable experience possible: AI that helps you create more opps, close more deals, and do fewer annoying admin tasks.

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We’d love to work with you, and we’re onboarding teams onto Jump’s platform now. Send us a note to get in touch.

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